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Tuning the City – Workshop in Tallin 2011


Playful immediatism and physical simultaneity merged with radical methods of interventionism. This is a documentation from a workshop on tactile-acoustic interventionism, where the participants investigate and experiment with resonant properties of objects and structures in public space.

The workshop were held in july 2011 as part of the exciting festival TUNED CITY that took place in Tallin, Estonia as part of the European Capital of Culture 2011.

After a phase of experimenting, the participants go into setting up temporary sound installations, where selected objects are transformed into acoustic sources and sounding units. Thus the end results of the workshop is a ‘hidden’ soundinstallation where the existing objects and structures in public space are converted into “instruments” and “speakers”.

The underlying mission is to emphazise the positive aspects of using sound as prime medium of acquirement and perceptionally challenge a visually dominated and over-crowded public and communicative space.

My tech-setup is a special developed sound system, optimized to mobilty and quick independent interventions. Some challenge since sound installation art can be some of the most gear-heavy stuff :)