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Reanimation Research Institute

Throughout the years, a recurrent theme or practice for me has been to inject sound into a system, object, situation or the like. To me, this work reveals a life-like quality to things. It is almost a spiritual feeling, as if I’m bringing life into the matter by working with sound.

Skærmbillede 2018-01-22 kl. 15.20.52Coming from a world of human geography, this recognition echoes back to some of the studies I did on modernity and everyday life, especially the french philosopher Henri Lefebvre and his theory on the production of space, where he puts a critical view on alienating structures and mechanisms in contemporary society and advocates for a strategy of reappropriation of the everyday.

With no intent on reentering the academic world, I’ve been recklessly inspired to pour these academic ideas out in a mix of some of the topics I love to work with artistically.

The Reanimation Research Institute is made in order to gather the creations regarding this matter.