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Listen to the World


Listen to the World is an interactive sound installation that plays back recorded everyday sounds from a number of selected places around the world. The purpose of the installation is to enrich the perspectives and possibilities of the sounds that surrounds us by giving audience an experience that can make them more conscious of their own acoustic everyday environment.

The installation is therefore created as to make possible for audience, an easy-to-access, analytical comparison tool and even an instrument for creative soundscape composition. By using a simple group of buttons and knobs, the audience can select different sounds from different places, and control a simple set of mixer variables, eg. volume, balance etc. The physical installation consists of a simple setup with a computer screen, a set of headphones and a small control pad.

I’ve invited a group of artists to record and send me sounds from places that had some resembling geographical characteristics. The task I gave the artists was to find a small group of sounds that stood out and had some sort of uniqueness to the place. I also asked the artists to take a picture of the sound origins plus write a small text describing the sounds. I ended up with 5 groups of sounds that represented 5 different soundscapes from 5 different places.

This version has been created as a long distance, network cooperation where I have communicated without physically meeting the participants, but it can also be done in a site specific version, for example as a school workshop-format or in relation to a festival or other exhibitioning event where participants spend time together recording sounds that are afterwards gathered and exhibited.

Listen to the World was first time exhibited at the Smag Verden festival in Copenhagen, august 2013.

Please contact me for a version of the catalogue from Listen to the World #1

Listen to the World #1 also exhibited at Gängeviertel in Hamburg, november 2013

Please feel free to contact me regarding ideas for setting up Listen to the World or if you have any other comments.

Thanks and great credits to Anders Børup for programming and sharing.

Participating artists in this example version

SØS Gunver Ryberg (DK)

John Grzinich (US/EE)

Jez Riley French (UK)

Maile Colbert (US/PT)

Rui Costa (PT)

Valeria Merlini (IT/DE)