DJ Obernkarbi


I call it Cheasy-listening, but this term covers a wide genre of Exotica, Now Sound, Psychedelica, Space Age Pop and many more terms all hidden in my secret treasure chamber of crate digging highlights.

DJ Obernkarbi is there to make your toes tap, fingers snap, arms up high and buttom shake.

I originally started as a collector of LP’s with beautiful covers, but a certain genre and style started to reveal itself. My gigs are often of the kind that supports a quirky or unorthodox party behaviour.

I’ve delivered the perfect ‘stimmung’ at a very colourful pamflet of different gigs and venues – eg. wintertime pirate-party at pedestrian tunnel in 5° celcius, gallery openings, concert events, private parties, senior-events, public-space opening events for municipalities and many many more.

I always bring absolute good karma with me and reject every sign of uptight behaviour on sight!

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