#2 Animate NikolajKunsthal2014


Animate is a soundart project that seeks to reveal and refocus on the qualities of leftover objects and things considered as aesthetically out-of-value. Animate seeks the hidden life of seemingly worthless objects considered as trash and environmental stains and bring them onto stage where they’re treated as the most beautiful instruments of human expression and investigation.

The project starts with researching on the local surroundings for trash and other disposed but re-usable objects. The objects are tested and rehearsed on for their own as well as mutual acoustic responsivity. As a result of this phase, the objects will end up being stacked, conjoined and in other ways organized into a sculptural organism of thrash objects. From hereon, the projects main event is a performance consisting of a live animation ritual where the objects are brought to life and start giving life and being responsive to each others acoustic capabilities.


Animate has been performed at Tårnet gallery for soundart in Copenhagen, Homegrown Choppers garage in Helsinki, at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen and lately at Gallery Frank in Malmø.

Animate!!! has been supported by two Nordic Culture Point Mobility Grants and Dansk Artistforbund.

Animate!!! is one of the compositional research projects for which I have been supported with a work grant by the danish arts council.